Arkiväsy Onskun planeetalla

I’m tired, I qte too little when I came home/I dont want to eat anything/I want to draw but I have no energy/Helmi wants to play/I have no energy
It’s better to eat somwthong than suffer
I again played with the idea of my own planet. What kind of things would be on my planet?/I notice to get nervous thinking about it for some reason/I clearly want to it to be good and glorious/but if I am putting to much pressure in it, it will not be fun anymore/I want this to be my own fun thing and not forced project
Personality disorder is from the ass/sometimes I can’t relax because I feel I have to better than what I am or I have to achieve something important/and no achievement is big enough, I always should be so much more/It’s unbearable but thankfully OCPD (obsessive–compulsive personality disorder) isnt on all the time

Vähän hukassa

This week has been…hard/I have been crying a lot and getting mild panic attacks at work/I cannot live like this, I hsve been crying every week at work since May/still there is difficulties to leave my job…that stress me up/3 month waiting time to get unemployment support after I leave the company/I have savings but those might not ne enough for months. There must be other support systems, I need to find more info/In other hand I don’t know what to do after leaving work. Should I study a new profession? Start my own business? And do….what?
I just want to be something else, feel that I do matter, be part of community and I dont want to feel like an idiot all the time…/ I feel I have failed. I am 30 years old I still don’t know what I wanna be when I am big/ I only want to rest, draw a little and just breath. I don’t want or gave enough strength to just survive my everyday life/ hmmm…/how one becomes an illustrator? What if I tried that?/ …just after the government cut huge amount of resources from culture funding. Hmmmmm, stressing out/Scared…/but in other hand I feel hopeful. There qre options/hi Helmi❤ thanks for helping me survive the week / and big thanks to Nikke who knows how to comfort and support. Onsku is the best

Kissadraamaa punaisella sohvalla

Once again I wait train on first track at Lahti/ Surprisingly lot has happened in silly two weeks.
I bought furnitures forst time ever. I got good coach amd rahi… and also ugly armchair for joy of Nikke/Nikke: Its good for hanging. O:It cannot be/O: damn how this ugly chair can be so gpod for sitting. N: is that sitting? /wait a minute, how we will get these to home?
Transport services couldn’t help me get the furnitures at weekend / there was no hurry but it all bothered me. It surprised me…/I felt bad also because of unexpected cat drama
What was said. F: My sister cat maybe have to find a new home because it cant be together with pur cat. O: yeah/what I heard. F: you get the cat!/I got exited and went to see cat stuff for my home/I got Nikke to be exited as well/ until the reality hit me. F:hey we might have had misunderstanding
We talked it out and our friendship didn’t fall because of the cat drama / sigh / F:Hi! My sister’s cat is looking for a new home. O: oh!
…now I hsbe to get the furnitures to the house before the cat comes! / hey can you transfer? No? Do you deliver at the weekend? / f*ck I can’t have the furnitures before the cat arrives / out of nowhere at a Monday / p: do you need a delivery service? Could we do the job today? O: yeah!
Delivery service were fast and effective / it felt weird not to carry anything at all. Anxyyyyy / Nikke carried successfully scratching tree to our home. O: Go Niksu! / home is almost ready for a cat

Junalakko yllätti

Lets see the train ticket before I see the nurse / Oh?/ train app: your train is cancelled / what the duck? / is Peikko here, best regards: nurse antie
How will I get to Kouvola? / nurse: let’s put a new bandage so the wound will not rot / well the next train leaves before 6 pm so thats not so bad/ train: the next train will leave after 1 hour and you will not get replacing buss or anything, sorry 💚 / no!!
Lunch break / drawing break / clock: train is 30 minutes off schedule…/ oh / clock: but we will only tell how much the train is late every 5 minutes so you have to stay next to the track all times / enjoy the wind, rain and coldness
Eventually the train arrived. I was afraid there would be no roon left / but it was surprisingly empty / the conductor didn’t come to check the tickets / I wasn’t mad about the strike itself but for actions of VR. VR shouldn’t break their workers backs, money cannot be the main focus on everything.
Nikke came for me / we hadn’t seen in 3 weeks / it was good to be back at home

Otus ja sen kaverit

Olen maalannut pari taulua ja nauttinut vapaudesta tehdä mitä mieleen tulee. Enää ei ole taidekoulun painetta luoda jotain hirveän syvällistä ja omaperäistä joka vei hauskuuden maalaamisesta. Olen maalannut lähes kaikki yhdellä istumalla ja haluan maalata lisää otuksia taidehaastteen jatkeena!

Liityin myös Tiktokkiin, johon laitan videoita maalauksistani, piirroksistani ja muista tekemistäni ihmehörveleistä! Miut löytää nickillä Peikonlainen.

Otus jonka pelkäät asuvan kaapissasi – 2021
The monster you are afraid of lives in your closet
Kaikenkarvaisten otusten kerho – 2021
The club of hairy critters.
Rauhallinen ilta – 2021
Peaceful night
Perus – 2021
Basic stuff

I have been painting amd enjoying the freedom of expression! The pressure of art school is gone complete and I can create what ever comes to my mind. I have painted almost all these paintings in one sitting and I want to paint more critters to continue my monster art challenge.

I also joined Tiktok where I upload my drawing and painting process + other stuff I do with my hands. My nick is Peikonlainen.

Pöpöpeikkojen matka

I have 3 cm big open wound on my cheeks. I got a boil that releases blood and other stuff. Apparently the boil has canals, maybe bug trolls live in them. They could move away thank you very much. First I saw a nurse who said “You could need antibiotics so I will arrange doctor appointment for you”. I have to wait an hour, what will I do? Sub sandwiche. I cannot remember the last time I ate inside a subway.

I also bought painting bases and couple pencils. I saw a doctor who said “yeah, I need to open it and take csre of it. Nurse will numb it and gives me blant scalpel.” The numbing hurted nastily but otherwise everything went well. I have been in checkups every other day. The nurses have changed every time but they are all nice and friendly.

I cannot remember have I been taken care of this much in hospital environment (I bought daim cake and ate it little by little at weekend). I have never broke my body. I am not allergic to any foods, animals or plants. I dont have diabetes or other illnesses. The whole situation is odd but still good. I hope the bugs will move away soon and I can live without an open wound.

Tajusin tätä piirtäessä miten luonnottomalta maskien piirtäminen tuntuu. Maskittomien kasvojen piirtäminen on nopeampaa ja saa tunteet paremmin esille, mutta koen maskin esittämisen tärkeäksi sen ollessa osa nykyhetkeä.

Pian aikaa on kulunut vuosia ja vuosikymmeniä, jolloin korona muistetaan vain historiankirjoista. Yli vuosi sitten elämä meni päälaelleen, mutta nyt kaikki se on enemmän tai vähemmän normalisoitunut. Ehkä siksi osa jengistä ei enää osaa varoa koronaa ja kieltäytyvät maskeista riskeeraten ihmiset ympärillään. En ymmärrä kyseistä ajattelutapaa, kaikkialla maailmassa on kuollut järkyttäviä määrä ihmisiä koronaan ja ihmisiä kuolee kokoajan lisää. Maskin käyttö on elintärkeää, koska kuolleita emme saa koskaan takaisin.


Kysäisin nettitutuilta tuleeko heille mieleen hahmoja, jotka muistuttaisivat heitä minusta. Kokosin heidän ehdottamansa hahmogallerian piirtääkseni kaikenkarvaisia konkkaronkan + samalla reflektoin itseäni hahmojen kautta, mitä ominaisuuksia niillä on jotka osuvat kontolleni


  • Hamtaro – Hamtaro
  • Spike – My little pony friendship is magic
  • Piisamirotta – muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti
  • Papyrus – Undertale
  • Keroppi – Keroppi / Hello Kitty
  • Tuutikki – Taikatalvi